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May 2017. All my recent projects are on my Facebook Page: Mudflap Aviation. They would include work on two JN4 Jennys and a 1929 Parks biplane in Warrenton, Virginia, covering a Breezy, some Stinson 108 wings, and coaching three great guys on covering their Pitts 12. In the meantime, I found a workshop in Schwieberdingen in a historic "Scheune."

August 2013. The triplane wings are complete, and in storage at the moment. I also completed a set of ribs for all three wings of a Dr.1 which are for sale. Working on a set of Motorspatz wings - strip the cover, do wood repairs, recover. We're looking at Oratex.

August, 2012. Progress continues on the three triplane wings for a customer's Dr.1. I hope to make great advances in the next six weeks, as I must move out of Schorndorf then. Seaching daily for a new workshop closer to home.

for the latest photos. I'm also open for new projects - rib-building, wing building, fabric covering. Ribs and wings under 5 meters can be built in my workshops here at home.

Starting in February, 2009, Mudflap Aviation has been working with Achim Engels at his Fokker “Aeroplanbau” in Schorndorf, Germany, which is a relatively small town about 20 miles East of Stuttgart. We're building some D VII's, a Dr. I, three C.I's (one of which is for sale) and a host of other projects on Achim's “to do” list.

FTC stands for “Fokker Team Schorndorf”. There isn't much antique airplane activity around Stuttgart, so I'm grateful for this opportunity to get back into business – to feel the linen in my hands again, the sensation of pulling knots in ribstich cord, the aroma of butyrate dope (great stuff), the whirring of the machines through spruce, welding lessons, and the contact with great airplane people – it's all wonderful.

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